It Takes A Village To Raise A Village.


Minneapolis raised development leaders, government advisors, community organizers, and business development executives developed The Urban Impact website to recognize, support, and amplify the voices of groups and organizations making a better life for the least among us.

The Urban Impact website serves as a resource to raise funds, promote change-makers, and connect volunteers and donors to vetted organizations and groups on the front lines of making a difference in the lives of everyday people.e.

The Urban Impact supports groups serving the millions of urban residents facing ever-growing challenges and more pronounced crises each day.

Our first featured project, NORTHSIDE IMPACT FUND, raises money to help rebuild North Minneapolis, a community faced with growing inequality and poverty.  Click below for more information.

The NORTHSIDE IMPACT FUND is a Minneapolis Foundation "Donor Advised Fund" established to support organizations on the front lines to stabilize and work towards an inclusive, safe, and prosperous North Minneapolis. Every dollar that comes into the fund, save for a 2% MF admin fee, supports more than twenty-five organizations in our coalition who continue to work every day to help the lives of the more than 68,000 residents, including the +10,000 kids with nothing to do this summer, that live and work in North Minneapolis.


Each organization is either a 501c3 or fiscally sponsored by an existing 501c3. Each organization is vetted and has a track record of achievement, positive results, and fiscal responsibility. Each organization has been working in North Minneapolis for years and will continue to work, even at their own expense, for the residents of North Minneapolis long after the cameras leave, and national interest wanes.


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