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Northside Bulldogs Football

Northside Bulldogs

Football Program

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Northside Bulldogs Football Program

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The Program

Northside Bulldogs Football Program ("The Program")

The Urban Impact and the Northside Impact Fund are proud to support the Northside Bulldogs Football Program. Led by forty-year North Minneapolis youth leader, Michael "Coach Tally" Tate, the program combines football and community service. 


As part of the Seeds To Harvest coalition of more than fifty organizations, projects, and initiatives based in North Minneapolis and the global GVBACK one-hour service movement, the program transformed from a football team operating in North Minneapolis for the past ten years into a ground-breaking program that combines:

  1. Athletics.

  2. Service.

  3. Education.

During warm weather, youth play football and participate in service projects. Every Saturday, football players and their families perform one-hour service across the Northside community during the winter months. 


  • With a generous donation from the Thielen Foundation Summer 2020, the program hired staff, paid for space to play and practice, purchased needed equipment, and introduced service and education elements into the football program. 

  • Since May 2020, the Northside Bulldogs Football Program has performed more than 500 combined community service hours.

  • In Fall 2020, Northside Bulldogs Football Program partnered with the City of Minneapolis to clean drains around North Minneapolis. The project focuses on teaching youth to connect waste, recycling, and a clean environment.

  • In Winter 2020, the Metro Transit Police Department joined the Northside Bulldogs during their Saturday morning one-hour service. Projects include passing out holiday care packages to residents previously experiencing homelessness, providing free face masks to residents, and providing blessing bags filled with essentials to impacted residents. 

  • In Winter 2020, the Northside Bulldogs partnered with the Minneapolis Fire Department Black Firefighters Association to start a program to shovel out fire hydrants.

  • In Winter 2020, supporters of the Northside Bulldogs raised enough funds to start paying football players who had previously spent the summer volunteering $15 per hour for one hour of work.

Program Elements



The Northside Bulldogs Football Program Athletics Component Includes:

  • Football.

  • Strength and Conditioning.

  • Health and Nutrition.

  • Outdoor Exercise.

  • Leadership Training.

  • Teamwork Training.

  • Meditation Practice.

The Northside Bulldogs Football Program Service Component Includes:

  • Cleaning Drains.

  • Shoveling Snow For Shut-ins.

  • Shoveling out Fire Hydrants.

  • Planting Community Trees.

  • Street Cleaning and Recycling Services.


The Northside Bulldogs Football Program Education Component Includes: 

  • Free Tutoring.

  • Life Skills Development.

  • Peer-to-peer Learning.

  • Personal Finances. 

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Funds pass through the Minneapolis Foundation Donor Advised Fund, NORTHSIDE IMPACT FUND, directly to the Northside Bulldogs.  The Urban Impact makes no money from fundraising and is 100% operated by uncompensated workers and volunteers.