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As many Minnesotans face an uncertain future, the Seeds To Harvest coalition brings hope.

As many Minnesotans face an uncertain future, the Seeds To Harvest coalition of fifty-six North Minneapolis non-profit organizations, partners, and initiatives, is keeping hope alive and spreading holiday blessings across the metro area.


Every Saturday since the start of COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd, the Seeds To Harvest coalition of North Minneapolis non-profit groups, residents, community initiatives, and partners across the state of Minnesota join together for 1-hour service projects such as cleaning drains, planting trees, organizing emergency food distribution, painting the BLM mural, passing out face coverings, and providing free sports clinics and tutoring to kids.

On Saturday, December 19, 2020, thirty volunteers from Seeds To Harvest teamed up with Metro Transit Police to participate in a project to spread hope, compassion, love, and the spirit of service across the Twin City Metro Area.

The group raised funds to purchase “Blessing Bags” made up of fully cooked healthy meals and flowers for twenty-five families across the metro area impacted by COVID-19 and other challenges.

The group also brought pizza, beverages, and desserts for five Minneapolis Fire Stations (#2, #4, #14, #16, #20), Police Station (4th Precinct), and boxed lunches for the entire ER ward of North Memorial Hospital.

Special Thanks: Metro Transit Police Department and MTPD’s Homeless Action Team (HAT), Minneapolis Fire Department Chief Bryan Tyner, Minneapolis African-American Fire Fighters Association, Minneapolis Police Department Commander Charlie Adams, Robbinsdale Hy-Vee, and Minneapolis NAACP.


Seeds To Harvest began as a featured 2020 Global GVBACK movement project to give back 1-hour service to communities. To support the Seeds To Harvest coalition, the Northside Impact Fund (@theurbanimpact), a donor-advised fund of the Minneapolis Foundation, was established with seed donations by the Thielen Foundation, Zweigbaum Family Trust, and Alpine Esports. Seeds to Harvest and the Northside Impact fund have served over 10,000 Northside families since the spring of 2020.


  • “We are here because it’s important that the Minneapolis NAACP support and amplify the positive work being done by Black residents across Minneapolis.” — Angela Myers Moroles, Minneapolis NAACP Branch President.

  • “We wanted to extend a holiday cheer from one-first responder to another.” — Captain Brooke Blakey, Metro Transit Police Department and MTPD’s Homeless Action Team (HAT).

  • “Why isn’t this type of story in the news?” — Captain C. Strom, Minneapolis Fire Department Station #14.

  • “Hy-Vee Robinsdale is proud to support our community, first responders, and hospital staff that put their lives on the line everyday.” — Micheala, Hy-Vee Assistant Manager, Perishables.


Above The Rim; Minneapolis NAACP; Metro Transit Police Department; Heart of America Foundation; India Association of Minnesota; Family of Trees; Northside Residents Redevelopment Council; Northside Achievement Zone; University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC);; Project Diva; North High School; Minnesota African American Heritage Museum & Gallery;;; The Anika Foundation; TC Sol Futsal; Heritage Youth Sports Foundation; Minnesota State Senator Bobby Joe Champion; Karen Football Association; MN Dark Clouds.

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