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Halloween 2020 Community Service

Every Saturday morning, the Seeds To Harvest coalition of more than 30 organizations come together in North Minneapolis to do 1hr service projects. We are registering voters, passing out masks, feeding people hot meals, giving away essential health products, and making sure kids around North Minneapolis have a pumpkins for Halloween.

Today's event will touch over 500 families.

We appreciate all of our community partners:



@karenfootballassociation @bobbyjoechampion @go4esther @blackbloggersandcreators

@mndarkclouds @alpine_esports @northpolarhoops @nazmpls @heritageyouthsportsfoundation@tcsolfutsal


@gvbacktuesday Above The Rim; Coach Talley; Heritage Youth Sports Foundation; Heart of America Foundation; India Association of Minnesota; Family of Trees; Northside Residents Redevelopment Council; Northside Achievement Zone; UROC;; Project Diva; Karen Football Association; MN Dark Clouds

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