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Minnesota Making A Difference

Every Saturday morning multiple nonprofits from around Minnesota volunteer for 1hr service projects in North Minneapolis. Activities included planting a community garden and fruit trees for the homeless, passing out free facemasks, surveying and checking in with neighbors, and setting up an emergency food distribution pop-up. Happy to know and work with these amazing people giving back to the community.

Thank you: Alpine Esports, Thielen Foundation #gvbacktuesday #theurbanimpact @mplsfoundation #northsideimpactfund Above The Rim / Coach Talley; Heritage Youth Sports Foundation; Heart of America Foundation; India Association of Minnesota; Family of Trees; Northside Residents Redevelopment Council; Northside Achievement Zone; UROC; North Community High School Basketball, and Michael Zweigbaum Amanda Neby-Dintzner Brett Buckner Michael A. Shelton Larry A. McKenzie Alec Holen

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