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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The Urban Impact launched the NORTHSIDE IMPACT FUND, June 2020, with a seed donation by Alpine Esports, the Alpine Esports community, and a generous donation by the Thielen Foundation, to support organizations working to meet the needs of residents in North Minneapolis. The fund's goal is to raise $250,000 by July 31, 2020, to provide resources for the twenty-five plus partners and organizations in our network.

Many of our partners, already under siege due to the closure of businesses, schools, and community centers due to COVID-19, now face even more challenges due to the destruction that occurred from outside forces under the cloak of peaceful protests. Even in these uncertain times, the work of our partners and networks continues.

With the help of donors and volunteers, The Urban Impact network has produced these results:

  • Funding for the Above The Rim Foundation enabled them to develop 280 high school students for peer-mentorship to 9,000 students across the Twin Cities.

  • Funding for the North Commons Park Summer Youth Football Clinic provides 100 kids ages 5 – 14 with a safe environment to exercise and structured athletic instruction. New equipment and sports gear supplied by the Thielen Foundation and their corporate sponsors allow kids with no resources to have the summer experience needed to better cope with the challenges of COVID-19.

  • Volunteer support of North High School alumni who have organized emergency food distribution pop-ups to provide groceries, medicine, and household products for more than 7,500 Northside residents.

  • Funding for Project Diva, an organization that works with 100s of black girls in grades 3-12 throughout the Twin Cities to help them make informed decisions as they transition into adulthood through a supportive coaching program focused on economic literacy and five other key focus areas of development: academics, social health, emotional well-being, health & wellness, and career exploration.

  • Funding for to train and hire youth workers to check-in with neighbors across North Minneapolis and canvas for need, register voters, and encourage people to fill out the census, while learning about civic participation and community activism.

  • Funding for Heritage Youth Sports Foundation basketball, flag football, and Youth-leadership programs helps 300 kids "beat the streets" through athletics and mentorship.

  • Funding for Mask-up North Minneapolis, led by local leaders and the Minnesota India Association of Minnesota to provide 100s of free facial masks to residents across the Northside.

  • Sponsorship of the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery "Black Lives Matter" street painting on Plymouth Avenue, a historic event that invites local artists to paint each letter using their interpretation of art and culture.

  • Volunteer support for planting trees, constructing community gardens, and sorting fruit and vegetable seeds shipped to countries around the world devastated by hunger.

In only a few weeks, The Urban Impact network has had a positive impact on the Northside as we work to create a safe, vibrant, inclusive, culturally rich, and sustainable Minneapolis. Please donate to the NORTHSIDE IMPACT FUND today to help us create even more Impact!

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